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2013 Toon-Ed Awards

Hey guys, remember that contest we entered last year and got 2nd place? Well this year, we got 1st place! How great is that?

Check out all the winners at this link:


Fall 2012 Semester

Ok, P-fish fans. You probably noticed that Philosofish has gone dark for a few months. Well that’s because we publish for our school’s newspaper, and there aren’t any issues in the summer. For a while, we had extras to post, but then we caught up to production. Anyway, it’s fall again and we’re back in action! And to make up for the long summer you all spent anxiously awaiting new Philosofish, we are now going to be publishing TWO comics every week!

That’s right, for this fall only, we are publishing a Philosofish companion comic called Adventures of Physics Girl! It’s a new type of thing for us- the whole adventure-comic, coherent-plot thing. So wish us luck, and we really hope you enjoy it!

2011 Toon-Ed Contest!

Hello, everyone! We have big, big news!

Philosofish has just been awarded 2nd place in the 2011 Toon-Ed competition for comic strips! This is a national competition, and our comic was judged by professional cartoonists Chris Browne (of Hagar the Horrible), Mike Edholm, Paul Fell, Dave Carpenter, Bucky Jones, Ken Alvine, and Jim Allen.

Check out the list of winners! And definitely check out the featured “best in show” entry, an animation by David Weedon. The Toon-Ed website also has some tips and tricks for aspiring cartoonists.

This is a big day for both of us. Who knew that, with majors in Chemical and Systems Engineering, our greatest college accomplishment would be to become award-winning cartoonists? So follow your dreams, kids. Someday you, too, could have your name in lights! On a computer screen! Next to the words “2nd Place”!

Thanks for reading!

-Kate and Ray